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You love a lot of things about your apartment. For one, it’s equidistant from your train and your go-to pizza spot. But unless you won the real-estate lottery, odds are the space situation is…lacking. If a sprawling Tribeca penthouse isn’t in your future anytime soon, these clever decorating hacks will make your place feel downright roomy.

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Keep It Light

Paler tones—and that doesn’t have to mean plain white—reflect more light, resulting in a brighter, airier apartment.

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Think Clearly

When you live in a small apartment, every piece of furniture, however necessary, tips the scales away from “spacious” and toward “cluttered.” Until someone invents invisible housewares, the next best thing is anything made of Lucite or glass: Transparent materials are a quick way to give the illusion of uninterrupted space.

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Get Reflective

A strategically placed mirror is a foolproof way to trick your brain into perceiving more space. (There’s a reason restaurants always do it.) If an oversized floor model doesn’t make sense for you, you’ll still reap the benefits from a smaller decorative version—round styles are especially chic right now.

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Let It Shine

The more well-lit an apartment is, the bigger it feels—and your built-in overhead lighting isn’t cutting it. Make sure each room has a variety of light sources to illuminate even the most shadowy corners.

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Ditch Your Curtains

OK, maybe that’s not feasible if you’re practically eye-to-eye with your neighbors across the street, but swapping out heavier drapes for sheer ones (and keeping them open whenever you feel comfortable) helps visually open up a room.

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Go Big

We love a good gallery wall, but for obvious reasons, the effect in a small space can be a little, well, crowded. One large-scale statement piece feels expansive while anchoring the room. 

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