How to Make Hummingbird Food for Your Garden

Among the critters you do want hanging around your yard, hummingbirds might be the most coveted. (We mean, they’re basically IRL fairies.) But how to encourage these magical little creatures to pay you a visit? Put snacks out for them, of course.

Lucky for our pocketbooks, hummingbirds aren’t picky eaters either: Whip them up the simplest sugar-water “nectar” and they’ll be feasting on cloud nine. Here’s how to make your own version at home:

- Sugar
- Clean, potable water
- A saucepan
- Hummingbird feeder (psst: we love this one from Target)

- Stir parts water on the stovetop (e.g., 1 oz. sugar; 4 oz. water)
- Bring mixture to a rolling boil (this will kill off any bacteria)
- Allow mixture to cool fully
- Pour into your feeder (any extra can be refrigerated)
- Enjoy your new, tiny friends! (Just make sure to change out every five to seven days to avoid spoilage.)