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You can’t store everything under your bed. Here’s how to maximize your one bedroom in seven quick tricks. Studios also welcome.

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Install Hooks and Shelves

Free up floor and closet space by using your walls for storage. Hang hooks near your entryway for coats, jackets and bags, and put shelves above your sofa to avoid a big bulky bookcase. Our favorite use for shelves just might be as a nightstand.

Organize Clutter with Trays and Catchalls

As much as we prefer to keep counters and tabletops clear, some things need to be kept at easy access. Add a catchall to your entryway table for keys, lip balms and mail. Put a tray on your kitchen counter for oils and spices. This will help contain items to one area.

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Choose Pieces That Fold Away

This desk easily folds up when not in use. And if you’re really short on space, you can make it double as a café table for dining. Another great option: Put a sleeper sofa in your bedroom and enjoy a living area by day, bedroom by night.

Hang Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors work miracles to amplify small spaces. Hang a few to fake space and catch the light. Oh, and when you’re done, be sure to admire your beautiful self.

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Use Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

This is another great trick for cheating a small space. Removing doors may only reduce your cabinets’ profile by about an inch, but visually it feels like so much more space. It also forces you to curate your collection of tableware (and junk food) as it’s on display. If you rent, just be sure to check with your landlord before making any big changes.

Constantly Edit Your Closet

Use the hanger trick to surface items you rarely wear. Turn the hanger hook on everything you own to face outward. As you wear pieces, reverse their hook back to face in the normal direction. After a few months, donate or sell anything still facing outward.

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Think Under the Sink

Why should the area under your sink go wasted? Install an over-the-door caddy and suddenly your hair dryer, brush and body lotion all have a home (other than the middle of your bathroom vanity).

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