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Your refrigerator is only as good as its ability to keep food cold. (Duh.) But one that’s not doing the job might not require a complete overhaul. Here’s an easy test to see if it’s the seal (and not the fridge!) that needs replacing.

What you need: A $1 bill (or any other paper currency) and a fridge.

What you do: Open the fridge door and place the paper bill against the seal with half the bill sticking out. Hold onto the cash, close the door and then let go. If it doesn't budge, you're good. If the cash drifts to the floor, you’ve got a problem.

Why it works: If something as thin as a paper bill is enough to keep the door from staying shut, warm air can easily seep in and compromise temperature.

What you do if your fridge fails the test: Call a pro to get the seal replaced. It’ll run you about $200…which is way less than the cost of an entirely new appliance.

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