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OMG, This Simple Trick Keeps Hydrangeas Fresh So Much Longer
These flowers won't wilt any time soon.

The bluebonnet might be the state flower of Texas, but we'dargue that the hydrangea is the unofficial bloom of Big D. And while hydrangeas are beautiful and relatively easy to arrange, sometimes it seems like they wilt before you even get to enjoy that accomplished feeling of having fresh flowers in your house. Here's a quick and easy way to keep Dallas's favorite flowers around for just a little while longer.

What you need: Fresh hydrangeas (get ones that look great--we aren’t in the business of bringing them back from the dead here, people), sharp scissors, a vase, a spray bottle and sugar 

First, do the usual things: Fill your vase with room-temperature water, dump in the packet of flower food thatcame with your purchase and cut your stalks at a 45-degree angle.

Then, the magic step: According to our Trader Joe’s floral therapist, the actual hydrangea flowers need to be continually watered once cut. She suggested using a small spray bottle filled with a mixture of room-temperature water and a “dash of sugar” (about a teaspoon). Shake it up and spray it onto the blooms every other day.

What you’ll see: As long as you change the water in the vase every couple of days, this little trick makes it possible to keep these beautiful blooming babies fresh for about two weeks. Sure, there could be a droopy blossom in the bunch,but most floral suppliers are great about letting you pick out new flowers if you weren’t impressed with the longevity of your original bouquet. Don’t forget to bring your receipt.

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