You don’t have to win the lottery or hire a decorator to make your space more attractive. A few expert tweaks can upgrade your simple (and let’s face it, cluttered) house into a beautiful home. Here, eight tips to get you started.

fresh flowers list1

Buy flowers once a week

A vase of freshly cut flowers provides an instant pick-me-up in any room. Buy blooms in bulk and stick to the ones that are in season to save extra money.

made bed list1

Always make your bed

Also known as the fastest way to make your room look clean--even if everything else in it is scattered. Trust, you’ll feel so much better crawling under the covers every night.

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night list

Get dimmers for your light switches

Overhead lighting can be so aggressive in the morning--and pretty much always. Dimmers allow you to adjust the brightness according to your mood, time of day and company.

cushions horizontal

Fluff your cushions

There’s nothing sadder than flat, misshapen pillows. Give them a nice fluff after each use to keep your couches warm and inviting.

outbox horizontal

Have an outbox (or several)

Keep a basket near the entryway to corral any potential daily clutter. After a couple weeks, donate or toss everything (or return it to its proper home) and start over.

coordinating towels list1

Invest in coordinating towels

Because those bleach-stained, ragged things don’t pass muster anymore. If you’re trying to impress special guests (like, say, your mother-in-law) give them a press with an iron so they’re extra crisp.

candles final

Add candles--and be strategic about where you place them

A few well-placed candles add ambient light and fresh fragrance to key areas like bedrooms, foyers and bathrooms. Tip: Keep an unlit candle in your linen closet to lightly scent all your sheets and towels.

new baseboards

Clean the baseboards, blinds and windows

If you’re strapped for time (um, always), focus on these three small spots that accumulate (and show) dust rapidly. Give them a quick wipe down and revel in how much cleaner your living room suddenly looks.

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