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French fries are one of the greatest comfort foods on the planet. You know what else is one of the greatest things on the planet? Your small fry (yes, we’re talking about your kid). Here’s how to combine the two for a pretty great backyard experiment.

What you’ll need: Garden tools, Nature’s Care Raised Bed Soil, potato-growing bag and old potatoes

Step 1: Fill a potato-growing bag about one-third full with soil.

Step 2: Take the old potatoes (the more sprouts, the better) and place them on top of the soil in the bag. Then cover them with a few inches of soil and add a big drink of water.

Step 3: After one month, feed your growing plants with Nature’s Care Bone Meal and cover with more soil (be sure to leave the top one to two inches of the plants exposed).

Continue adding soil as your plants grow, stopping one inch from the top of the bag. In about ten weeks’ time, your potatoes will be ready to harvest and turn into delicious fries. Pass the ketchup.

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