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They may be giving out medals in Rio, but just as deserving (if you ask us) are the parents who transform bed-headed, pj-clad creatures into presentable students in 13 minutes flat. Here are seven genius tricks for winning your mornings. 


Prep all food the night before

Pancake batter: Mix it. Smoothie ingredients: Chop them. Hard-boiled eggs: Peel them. School lunches: Pack and label them--or better yet, help your kids pack their own. Oh, and if you set the table the night before, your sleepy future self will love you for it.  

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Select outfits the night before, including your own

Lay out everything--down to their undies--and put their socks inside their shoes. (We’re not messing around.) One expert we talked to even suggested hanging up a posterboard showing a complete outfit on your kids’ closet doors, to give your littlest ones a visual aid.

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Pack backpacks before bedtime

And place them by the door. That goes for sports equipment and permission slips, too. And voilà: Wake up to a sound other than “MOM!!! I can’t find my hooooomework!”


Keep an emergency pack in the car

We’re talking granola bars, dried fruit, a hairbrush and sunscreen sticks--all of which can be semi-blindly passed to someone in the backseat with one hand.


Do a dress rehearsal (or several)

In the weeks leading up to the start of school, help your kids to practice things like dressing themselves, brushing their own teeth and hair and tying their own shoes. Do dry runs of your morning routine--and time yourselves. If you make it to “school” on time, everybody gets ice cream.


Go to bed early

That goes for everyone, Miss Midnight Facebooker. Because hitting snooze is no longer an option.

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