Whether you want to paint your own iteration of Starry Night or you want to give away a gold star to someone who's earned it, drawing a star all starts with the elemental shape. Once you've nailed the basics, you can take it a million other places. Need help getting started? PureWow designer Sofia Kraushaar created these easy-to-follow instructions for how to draw a star, line by line. Print them and trace them or use your eye—either way, you're an artist in the making.

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how to draw a star 1
Sofia Kraushaar

1. Draw an upside-down ‘V’

Using a pencil, start from the bottom, left-hand side of your paper and end on the bottom, right-hand side of your paper.

how to draw a star 2
Sofia Kraushaar

2. Draw a sideways ‘V’

Now, from the point you stopped at on the bottom, right-side of the paper, draw a sideways ‘V,’ this time with the bottom of ‘V’ on the left-side of your paper. You should end on the right-hand side of the page.

how to draw a star 3
Sofia Kraushaar

3. Connect the Lines

Draw a line between the last point and the first point, and boom! You've just drawn a star.

how to draw a star 4
Sofia Kraushaar

4. Outline the Star & Erase the Pencil

Using a marker or pen, outline the outside of your star shape. Next, grab an eraser and remove the pencil marks from the inside of the star.

how to draw a star 5
Sofia Kraushaar

5. Color it in

We're going with yellow. But your star can be any color you want!

how to draw a star 6
Sofia Kraushaar

5. Experiment on your own

Congratulations! Now that you know the basics of how to draw a star you can play around with the design on your own. There's no wrong way to draw a star.

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