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Hey, you: stop scrubbing that SpaghettiOs crust. There’s a much easier method for cleaning the mess in your microwave, and it doesn’t involve paying someone else to do it. Here, the stupid-easy way to steam-clean your microwave with vinegar.

What you need: One cup vinegar and one cup hot water in a microwave-safe bowl.

What you do: Put the bowl in your microwave and nuke it for ten minutes--or if your microwave’s super powerful, try five minutes at first.

Now wipe away: Beeeep. Remove the bowl with an oven mitt and grab a wet towel to wipe down all the gunk inside. The combo of heat and vinegar will help the crud slide off smoothly, leaving you with a blissfully non-embarrassing appliance. (Not that you shouldn’t take great pride in your SpaghettiOs consumption.)

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