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Let’s talk home maintenance. It’s no walk in the park. And unless you want to spend your precious free time cleaning your toilet, mowing your lawn and painting your walls, you need to find some quality help. We’ve rounded up our favorite services for when it’s time to throw the chores to the pros.


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If Your House Needs an Overall Cleanup

Depending on how big your place is, keeping a house clean can seem like a full-time job, so why not call someone who treats it that way? Whether you hire someone to come in weekly or monthly, there is nothing like coming home to a perfectly clean space.

Who to call: Highland Park Housekeeping, Tidy or Gmaids

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If Your Grass Needs Cutting

The lot sizes in Dallas are small, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need attention. Most lawn services recommend weekly visits in the warmer months and a couple of times a month in the winter.

Who to call: 1-800-Lawn Care, Lawn Love or GoMow

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If Your Windows Need Cleaning

Sure, washing your windows from the inside is doable, but getting all the muck off the outside is nearly impossible. (Ew, pollen.) Professionals get to all the hard-to-reach places and leave windows with a super-shiny, new look.

Who to call: Window Wizards, Lakewood Window Cleaning or Dallas Window Washing

4. painting dal home services 11.3

If Your Walls Need Painting

Painting your own walls sounds like a precious little weekend project (thanks to all that HGTV), but when your furniture is suddenly set to be delivered on Saturday and your yellow walls need to be white, like, yesterday, it’s time to call a professional. Bonus: They clean up, too!

Who to call: DFW Painting, Five Star Painting or Platinum Painting

5. mounted tv dal home services 11.3

If Your TV Needs to Be Mounted

Do you ever zone out and stare at the TV wires hanging down your wall? Get a professional to hide those distracting eyesores inside the wall and better feng shui will be set in motion.

Who to call: Dallas TV Installers, Dallas Home Theater or Precision Media Solutions

6. spray garden mosquitos dal home services 11.3

Your Property Needs to Be Sprayed

Mosquitoes are a thing here, y'all, and unless you want to be attacked like a sweet treat left behind at a barbecue, you better get someone on top of your yard.

Who to call: Massey Services Inc., Adams Exterminating Company or All-Safe Pest & Termite

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