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You’re in the market for a new (or second) home. If you can be flexible about geographic location, it’s worth keeping tabs on the up-and-coming housing markets across the U.S. Thankfully, Zillow just compiled a list of ten cities that are expected to see major home value growth in 2017. We did you a favor and pulled some primo real estate listings.

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Nashville, Tennessee

Home values in the capital of Tennessee—and country music—are expected to grow by as much as 4.3 percent in 2017. That’s why it’s worth peeping the listings, like this three-bedroom condo in Nashville's Germantown neighborhood, to see what’s out there.

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Seattle, Washington

The weather may skew overcast and rainy, but this waterfront and mountainside city is projecting home value growth by 5.6 percent this year. (This means that if you shell out $600,000 for a townhouse with its own roof deck in historic West Seattle, you’re looking at a value increase totaling more than $35K by December.)

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Provo, Utah

In 2014, it was voted the happiest city in the U.S., a rating that seems to have helped its property values soar. For example, this $320,000 four-bedroom with mountain and valley views is just a seven-minute drive from the centrally located BYU campus.

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Orlando, Florida

No, it’s not all Disney all the time. Orlando—which should see its home values grow by 5.7 percent this year—is filled with stunning properties, especially if you’re into new construction. Case in point: This five-bedroom in Winter Park, a family-friendly suburb that still has its own downtown. (Invest now and it should see a value increase of $33K by year’s end.)

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Home value growth in this midsize city is expected to be 4.3 percent this year. And the prices are still pretty reasonable. Bungalows—like this four-bedroom—in the neighborhood of Sugar House will set you back just $360K. (A value that should go up $15K in 2017.)

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Portland, Oregon

Sure, it’s the hipster capital of the country, but if you focus on Portland’s proximity to the great outdoors (and dominant foodie scene), it’s not surprising to learn that home values are expected to increase by 5.2 percent this year. We love$ this 520,000 contemporary three-bedroom near family-friendly Healy Heights.

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Knoxville, Tennessee

It’s the third largest city in Tennessee—behind Nashville and Memphis, of course—but Knoxville’s place in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and friendly, music-filled vibe make it a big deal in our book. With growth projected at 4.4 percent in 2017, this three-bedroom in picturesque Rocky Hill could go up $15,000 by 2018.

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Ogden, Utah

Clearly, Utah is having a moment. The city—home to some of the best views outside Salt Lake City—has a 2.9 percent unemployment rate and should see home value growth by as much as 4.7 percent. That means you could sink $700,000 into this 9,000-square-foot property above Shadow Valley (aka your own private ski chalet) and see its value go up by nearly $35K in 2017.

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Denver, Colorado

Given its desirable location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, it makes sense that home values are expected to shoot up by 3.6 percent in 2017. Hello, gorgeous three-bedroom in convenient (and charming) Sloan Lake.

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Sacramento, California

Surprisingly, California’s capital is one of the more affordable spots in the entire state. It’s also expected to see home values increase by 4.8 percent, which means this colorful two-bedroom on P Street in Midtown will go up $20K in 2017.

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