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It’s 2016. The world is a mobile place. Maybe you once attended college out of state. Maybe you recently moved across the country for a big job. Maybe you’re toying with the idea of Portland, Oregon, because everyone says artisanal deodorant and four-hour workdays are cool.

But that doesn’t mean your roots aren’t deep elsewhere. Enter Homesick Candles, a new fragrance company that hopes to ease any homesickness with a little whiff of nostalgia.

There’s a sweet-tea-and-peach scent for Georgia, a cherries-and-chocolate one for Michigan, a spruce-and-snow one for Colorado…you get the idea. All are made here in the U.S. and comprised of natural soy wax (so hopefully there’s no cheesy mall-candle feel). Currently, 27 states are available. But it looks like more are on the horizon since the website has a field where you can be notified when your location of choice is up for grabs. 

Hey, nothing like a little bit of “scents” memory.

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