From Mixed Metal Hardware to Banquette-Style Dining, Here Are Fall’s Top Home Trends

Dear decor addict, we know you look forward to the fall interior design forecast the way fashionistas await the September issue. And ohhh do we have a superb lineup this season. At once innovative and easy to achieve, these eight rising trends have us plotting the very best kind of fall makeover—a home one, of course. 

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Mixed Metals

The new normal in hardware? Mix-and-match metallics, y’all. Think: stainless appliances paired with French gold pulls and copper accessories. Matchy-matchy metals are decidedly on the outs. 

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From breakfast nooks to kitchen booths to family rooms, banquette-style dining is taking over. While you can’t beat the luxe look of built-in seating, we love that this trend is achievable sans reno—just cuddle a cute bench up against a wall and call it a day. 

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Jewel-tone Kitchens

ICYMI: The ubiquitous all-white kitchen trend is past its prime. In its place? Lush, cool, bold cabinet colors—like emeralds, teals and deep blues. 

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Curvy Furniture

Sexy, 70’s-inspired furniture became the premiere home statement piece last spring. And now? Well you can purchase these retro, sculptural pieces at favorite retailers like Urban Outfitters and Crate & Barrel. Instant living room upgrade, mais oui?

Design: Nicole Davis; Courtesy of Alyssa Rosenheck

Concrete Floors

Previously mis-diagnosed as industrial, good old concrete has a new lease on life. With today’s treatment options (see: this velvety polish), they’re officially a new neutral in flooring. Bonus points for durability, affordability and eco-friendliness.

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Paint finish has taken a turn for the lacquered, with many of our favorite designers opting to gloss out walls and ceilings. While we love the look all on its own, we also love that it acts like a mirror—brightening the room and making it appear bigger. 

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Design: Amber Interiors; Photography: Tessa Neustadt; Courtesy of Cle Tile

Zellige Tiles

On the tile front, one trend reigns supreme. Meet: the zellige tile, an earthy, textural, Moroccan alternative to the subway tile you know and love. Swoon-worthy, no? 

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Maligned for decades (dang it, Barney!), this royal hue is having a renaissance. Why? Because Pantone, y’all. Also, folks are over millennial pink. In a sea of neutrals, aren’t you reconsidering it too? 

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