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Just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean you should shell out your hard-earned cash. Here, four home services you can do without—and three that are worth every penny.

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Not Worth It: Wallpaper Application

Obsessed with the temporary kind—like this rose-petal pattern from Anthropologie—but worried you’ll botch the project? Don’t be. With the right tools (read: a quality measuring tape and heavy books to flatten out any paper curls), you’ve got this. Just block off a few hours in the afternoon.

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Not Worth It: Toilet-Seat Replacement

Sure, it seems like a job for a plumber, but with a wrench and some brand-new bolts, this home upgrade is a cinch. (It’s also inexpensive; a trip to the hardware store for a new seat will set you back less than $25.)


Not Worth It: Room Painting

As tedious as this project is, you can actually achieve perfect trim without shelling out hundreds of dollars for an expert to do the job. The trick? It’s all about prepping before you paint. And remember: Painter’s tape is your best friend.

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Not Worth It: Gallery-Wall Hanging

Yes, there are a gazillion companies (ahem, West Elm) that will hang everything for you, but with a roll of kraft paper and your trusty painter’s tape, you can map out everything yourself. Again, the trick is patience.

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Worth It: Upholstery Cleaning

It doesn’t matter how much cleaner you buy—it’s never going to get out the doggy dirt quite like a real-deal upholstery-cleaning service. To get more bang for your buck, seek out a service that charges by the piece, not by the hour.


Worth It: Couch Delivery

You might think that pivoting your new sofa through the front entryway or up a flight of stairs is no problem. But all those dents in your wall later, you’ll realize that wasn’t the case. A professional can conquer any space and tricky angles without needing to retouch any drywall. 

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Worth It: Furniture Assembly

You saved major moolah by shopping at IKEA for a desk—might as well save your sanity, too, by outsourcing the job. It’s a super-smart move, especially when there are services like TaskRabbit and Amazon Home Services that will do it on the cheap.

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