10 Home Office Organization Ideas That Can Maximize Your Productivity

The world outside may be filled with upheaval, uncertainty and chaos but your desk is one area of your life that you can control. Whether you’re working from home while running your own business or just need a dedicated area to pay bills on the weekends, having a space that’s functional and tidy will set you up for success. Here, 10 office organization ideas that will help you be as productive as possible.

Our Editors Share Their Most Effective Productivity Tips

1. create Workstations

In a dream world, we’d have a corner office with floor-to-ceiling windows and a personal coffee machine that made our latte just the way we like it. In reality? Not so much. But here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter if your home office has to share space with the kitchen or is no bigger than a shoebox, it’s important to create a dedicated space that’s just for you and your work. Otherwise, you’ll be putting finishes touches to the Q2 presentation from your kid’s playroom or bringing your laptop into bed (a big no-no). That’s not to say that your workstation has to be a permanent fixture; if space is an issue a foldable desk or rolling cart can keep your papers and files tucked away when office hours are over.

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2. embrace Desk Drawer Organizers

What would you rather do: Shove your hand into an overstuffed drawer and spend five minutes wrestling to find a paperclip or glide the drawer out and spend less than five seconds removing said paperclip. We thought so. We’re fans of this drawer organizer ($12) that expands to fit your space, has two levels of storage and up to eight compartments for all types of supplies.

3. Label Everything

And we mean everything. Because there’s nothing more stressful than rifling through a folder trying to locate last year’s tax returns…on April 14th. Think beyond boring Manila folders and opt for bright and colorful versions, instead. These pretty floral ones from Riffle Paper Co. ($14) include six folders and 12 handy adhesive labels.

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4. Try A Desk Riser (not A Stack Of Books)

Newsflash: Looking at a computer all day is bad for your wellbeing. That rings especially true if your laptop or monitor is at the wrong angle, putting you at risk for neck and back pains. According to our friends at Ergotron, your screen should be level with your eyes. And while you could use a stack of books to raise your device, it’s so much more efficient and stylish to use this desktop organizer ($80) that can sit beneath your computer or attach to the wall as a pocket organizer/ mail sorter. We love a multi-purpose product, don’t you? (While you’re at it, consider investing in a pair of blue light glasses to protect your eyes.)

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5. Use See-through Accessories

It’s all too easy to let a rainbow pencil holder accumulate stray rubber bands and leaky pens, or a cottagecore vase amass murky plant scum. And who knows how much tape is left in the dispenser if you can’t actually see what’s in there? By opting for clear accessories, you have no choice but to stare at your mess. Except your desk is ultra-clean and fully stocked, right? Well, it is now thanks to this acrylic tape dispenser ($18), this clear pencil holder ($4) and this acrylic paper tray ($22). You’re welcome.

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6. Consider Floor Lamps

The right lighting can do wonders for your mood and a room’s vibe. (Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof.) In the name of keeping your desk clutter-free, you may want to invest in a floor lamp (provided you have the floor space). This brushed-nickel style from JAlexander ($200) will give your office an industrial look as well as multiple lighting options, thanks to the moveable trio of glass shades.

7. Use Periphery Space

Your desk is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture in your home office (however, an ergonomic chair is a close second). But don’t discount other items nearby that can serve as a handy place for storage or supplies. An adjacent sideboard can be used for housing the printer and a woven basket ($17) in the corner makes an excellent vessel for rolled-up posters. In other words? Think beyond your desk.

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8. Cover Your Cords

For a quick clutter fix, simply keep unsightly cords and power strips hidden away with a cord cover or box. This cablebox ($24) will house your power strip, includes ten cable ties for bundling and comes in white or black.

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9. Don’t Forget About Your Garbage

If you have to go to the kitchen every time you need to toss a receipt or a used post-it note, you’re going to accumulate an unsightly pile of crumbled papers and used tissues real fast. Invest in an office bin so all that junk will go right where it belongs—in the trash. Even small spaces can fit a can, this one from The Container Store ($5) is just six-inches wide.

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10. Optimize Your Wall Space

Not just for staring at while you try to format a perfectly worded email, walls are also an under-utilized storage space for your home office. Hang up office supplies, paperwork, stationery, reminders and more with this handy wall system ($10). It stays put thanks to adhesive strips, so no DIY skills are required. Are your walls already covered with the kids’ art projects? The back of your door can also double as a genius storage solution, thanks to this brilliant rack ($92).

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