10 Brilliant Home Items for Space-Challenged Apartments

We New Yorkers have been doing the small-space-living thing long before minimalism was cool, so we know a thing or two about coping with tight quarters. Luckily, there are solutions—beyond using your oven as storage—for making it more manageable. Here, the best furniture, gadgets,decorative items and storage products for (literally) making the most of your apartment.

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Wall-mounted Rack

Since you actually need to sit on “that chair,” toss your coats, purses, hats and other miscellanea on this vintage-looking swivel rack.


All-in-one Cleaning System

Behold this magic wand from our fairy godmothers at Muji. The Japanese home goods store knows a thing or two about organizing, and this collapsible cleaning rod is one of our favorite tools. Simply buy the interchangeable broom, mop and duster attachments and you’re good to go.

MUJI ($10 for three items)


Fold-up Desk

Having a desk in a small space can make it feel like you’re living in an office—not exactly the most relaxing vibe—so opt for one that you can keep out of sight when you’re not using it.

Urban Outfitters

Bath Caddy

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a tub…but not a single drawer to store your essential oils. This adjustable bamboo caddy lets you display your prettiest toiletries while taking advantage of usually unused space.

Urban Outfitters ($49)


Love to entertain but don’t have space for a formal dining table? Stock up on a few multipurpose poufs and floor cushions. There’s something so cozy about sprawling out bohemian-style anyway.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Cabinet Shelves

Kitchen storage is the bane of city-dwelling home chefs everywhere. Store twice as much with these adjustable shelves.


Wall-mounted Wine Rack

We love walls filled with art, and we also love having a few bottles of our favorite Malbec on hand. This gorgeous hanging wine rack kills two birds with one stone.


Bar Cart

Just because you live in a studio doesn’t mean you have to give up the dream of having cocktails within reach of the couch. This sleek cart measures just 19 inches in diameter, and you can wheel it wherever you want it.

CB2 ($199)

Container Store

Makeup Organizer

When counter space is at a premium—or nonexistent—stash your toiletries in these handy magnetic pods that stick to your medicine cabinet.

Container Store ($10)

Urban Outfitters

Rolling Under-bed Shelf

Sorry, bogeyman—we need that under-the-bed space for shoe storage.

Urban Outfitters ($39)

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