We love a good tropical-leaf print. And anything with wicker. Oh, and we know all the right ways to make our tiny balcony feel like a spacious patio. Yep, some home decor tricks have Miami written all over them. Here, six trends to try in your abode (if you haven’t already).

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Mix-and-Match Influences

After all, Miami is a melting pot of cultures. Channel that inside your home by using multiple textures and styles. (Country modern! Sleek fixtures! Light and dark accents!)

Tropical-Leaf Prints

You may be thinking, Will this make my room look like one big palm tree? But on the contrary, Miamians know that a green leafy print can go a long way among white and neutral tones.

A Faux-Fur Blanket

Sure, we may not need the warmth. (It’s a million degrees outside, after all.) But faux fur is a cheap (and harmless) way to add a touch of luxury and a whole lot of comfort to your space. Just don’t forget to crank up the AC.

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Maximized Patio Space

While some people are lucky enough to have a large outdoor lounge space right in their backyard, many of us find ourselves with a smaller balcony or patio instead. Solution? Maximize your space. Indulge in some large plants, upholstered seating and funky lights.

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A Single Wicker Accent

There was a time when floor-to-ceiling rattan was de rigueur in coastal decorating, but thankfully things are much subtler these days. Look to wicker for a honey-hued pop in a neutral bathroom or as a chic way to tone down the formality of a traditional living room. It’s the perfect statement piece that just exudes old-school Miami resort style.

An Eye-Catching Accent Piece

OK, not everyone can afford a $3,000 chandelier, but with a little creativity and elbow grease, you can DIY your own version. Your guests will never know the difference.

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