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It’s great and all that the oil lasted for eight days, but now that means you have to buy eight nights' worth of gifts. Thanks, Maccabees. So even though you’re this close to giving everyone socks, here are eight other ideas that will give you hero status. And sure, you can throw a couple pairs of socks in there, too.

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SunnyLife Ukelele ($30)

Get used to hearing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

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DIY Wooden Doll Family Kit ($28)

Five dolls. Four people in your family. Your three-your-old miiiight start asking about a little sister.

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Sugarfina Baby Champagne Bears ($9)

Less expensive than a bottle of Veuve Clicquot but just as yum.

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Eugenie De Loynes Earring Tree ($15)

Elegant. Organized. What more could your KonMari-obsessed mother-in-law want?

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Feminist Pin ($10)

For the boss lady in the making.

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Looped Mittens ($38)

Because you kinda gave up on the ones you tried knitting yourself.

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Cards Against Humanity ($25)

It might be for your nephew, but you all get to play.

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Copper Moscow Mule Mugs ($36)

They come in a set, so one’s for someone else and one’s for you. Clink clink.

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