The Best 2023 Halloween Decorating Trends—Plus 2 That Are So Last Year

Welcome home, witchcore.

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Buckle up, Halloween fiends (and anyone who loves a good excuse to throw a party): This year’s spooky season will be longer than ever. Stores are already rolling out their All Hallows Eve decor—and in some cases, it’s already selling out (get your Skelly while it's still in stock!).

But don’t just take our word for it: “Before, it’d be mid-October” when people started hauling out the decorations, says Lance Allen, senior decorative holiday merchant at Home Depot. “Now, people are pushing to beginning of October and into September. You can’t start too early.”

With that in mind, we culled Pinterest and Klarna data, as well as consulted reps at several major stores, to uncover what’s going to be huge this year.

The 12 Best Target Halloween Decorations of 2023

In: Witchcore

While over-the-top décor reigns supreme outdoors, indoor decorations have been skewing a little witchier. Since July, searches for ‘witchcore’ have increased by 1,566 percent on Pinterest, showcasing everything from cauldrons and crystals to tarot cards and floating witch hats. Even the color palette is a bit more gothic—instead of the usual orange and purple, vendors are stocking plenty of dark-hued florals, often pairing brown branches and purple babys breath with deep black gourds and cauldrons. Picture witch pots filled with purple succulents, decorative broomsticks, hats and spell books and lots of Hocus Pocus memorabilia (more on that below).

Black Cauldron Halloween Succulent

Pottery Barn Woven Witch Hat

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Halloween Glowing Crystal Ball

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In: Halloween Wreaths

It isn’t enough to make your whole home apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice-scented come September; if you want to take things to the next level, you need an appropriately spooky wreath to contain it. According to Klarna, purchases of “candle wreaths” increased by 193 percent and regular wreaths increased by 113 percent in the last month. Plus, searches on Pinterest for ‘Halloween wreaths’ have increased by 1,100 percent since July. And there’s only one place to go: Target. There are a ton of new style releases on the site, with specific interest in faux pumpkin clusters, deep dried florals and creepy skull adornments.

National Tree Company Skeleton's Wreath

Threshold Halloween Grass and Leaf Wreath

Adeeing Halloween Wreath

In: 12-Foot-Tall (and Climbing) Lawn Decor

There are Halloween decorations, and then there’s Skelly, the 12-foot-tall skeleton with piercing blue LCD-screen eyes who’s developed such a fandom he sells out almost instantly, despite his $299 price tag—and the general, “where the heck am I going to store a 12-foot-tall skeleton?!” conundrum he inevitably sparks every November 1. He’s inspired a whole genre of larger-than-life décor, a trend we first noticed last year but is now everywhere.

Every company we spoke to, from Home Depot to Lowe’s to Sam’s Club, noted demand for supersized skeletons, ghosts, werewolves and mummies. In fact, the Depot has one-upped itself this year, launching a 12-foot-tall towering ghost to tower over your trick-or-treaters.

‘Skelly’ Giant-Sized Skeleton

Haunted Living Cemetery Tombstone

Member's Mark Towering Scarecrow

In: Luxury Pumpkins

Naturally, you can’t have Halloween without a few pumpkins. This year, however, we’re seeing vendors upgrade the ugly faux plastic with high-end finishes, like glass and ceramic. According to Pinterest, “this year is the year of black pumpkins, [where] the chic response of the traditional staple is rustic, modern and will be the perfect festive feature in every style of home.” Add to that, the fact that Klarna found a 302 percent increase in purchases of glass pumpkins, which are now poised to be one of the trendiest decor items you can invest in this fall. Put ‘em on display in your living room or place a bunch of minis in a cluster to make a luxury yet festive impact.

West Elm Glass Pumpkins

Anthropologie Terracotta Pumpkin

Threshold Glass Pumpkin Dark Brown

In: Floating Candles and Candelabras

Sticking with the theme of luxury, Harry Potter’s floating candle look is getting an upgrade with stunning floating candle arrangements that look like they’re straight out of Williams Sonoma’s catalog. All over TikTok, we’re seeing users create displays where the candles appear to float (check it out here). You can do this by taking LED candlesticks with invisible threads attached to them, then hang them at different heights from your ceiling for depth and intrigue.

On top of that, Klarna found that candelabras increased in searches by 85 percent and candle holders were up by 258 percent, which is a perfect way to drive the Witchcore aesthetic home (more on that below). Pinterest reports that chateau candlesticks are also trending, where they double as a gothic tableware accessory for an edgy twist. Place them on your dining table or use them as a statement decor piece on your entryway to play off the Halloween theme without it looking tacky.

Pottery Barn Floating Candle String Lights

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Grandin Road Chateau Candlesticks

Pottery Barn Harry Potter Nagini Candelabra

In: Theme Park-caliber Animatronics

Forget keeping up with the Joneses; today, people are fighting to keep up with the John Carpenters and Sam Raimis. People are willing to spend more for hyper-realistic characters with extreme attention to detail, be it LCD eyes and mouths, rubbery features that more closely mimic facial expressions or haunting howls. Generic creepy characters abound, but Lowe’s has branched out into horror movie classics, like a 6-foot-tall Michael Myers so spot-on you’re bound to drop your groceries at least once after coming home at night.

Michael Myers Animatronic

Grandin Road Animated Forest Witch

Giant-Sized Animated Jack Skellington

In: Skeleton Animals Of All Kinds

Skelly isn’t the only bag of bones people are after. Over the years, more and more cat, dog and bird skeletons have been popping up as indoor and outdoor decor, but this year, it’s peaked. Just about any creature you can imagine is now a quasi-cuddly tchotchke: French bulldog! Piglet! Teacup unicorn! Octopi family! (You get the idea.)

French Bulldog Skeleton

Shark Skeleton

Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn

In: Pop-up Entryway Arches & Tunnels

Balloon arches aren’t going anywhere, but for those of us who can’t spare a few hours—nor have the lung capacity—to fill and arrange hundreds of balloons into an Insta-worthy backdrop, there’s another solution: inflatable or pre-lit arches and tunnels. Available via Amazon and Sam’s Club, you simply plug ‘em in, let them rise up and bam! You’ve created a statement without any huffing or puffing. Some, like this $240 Sam’s Club number, double as an entire haunted house.

Joiedomi Inflatable Haunted House

Airblown Harry Potter Castle

Member's Mark Spooky Archway Tunnel

Out: Witchy Wine Signs

At first, they were funny—"drink up, witches!" or "I put a spell on brew, and now, you're wine!" Emblazoned on everything from tea towels to stemless wine glasses, these little phrases were a cheeky way to announce, yeah, I may be dressing up as Owlette to round out my kids' PJ Masks group costume this year, but my Stanley tumbler's spiked. You're not a regular mom, you're a cool mom; and these days, people know that because you let your tween talk you into hauling that 12-foot-tall mummy onto your yard. Not because every mug and throw pillow in your house proclaims you're "here for the boos."

Out: Rattan Pumpkins

Much like our year-round decor, rattan seems to be taking a back seat. While the look exploded in interiors on the heels of 70s-themed everything, it’s now turned from ‘boho’ to cheugy (along with the wine signs mentioned above, sorry Millenials). Instead, people are replacing the woven material with sleeker, more contemporary finishes—like the ceramic and glass numbers we’re swooning over above.

Home Depot Halloween Decorations 2023

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