Guest rooms are an amazing home amenity...for guests. The question is, What’s in it for you? Allow us to suggest tweaking that spare room to serve a dual purpose (with the Lady of the Manor’s interests in mind). Here, eight inspiring ideas for a swing room that you will truly enjoy for those other, you know, 355 days of the year.

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Library/Guest Room

We’re a firm believer that there is in fact no such thing as too many books. But your downright massive collection needs its own room at this point. Add a tailored sleeper to the setting and guests will have a chic, and scholarly, place to retreat.


Nursery/Guest Room

If you outfit baby's room with a comfy daybed (and keep a portable crib tucked in your bedroom closet for impromptu visitors), there's no reason your beautifully decorated nursery can’t double as a proper guest room for Aunt Mildred when necessary. Stuffed animal sweep, done.

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Family Room/Guest Room

Keep your formal living room feeling formal by moving your full entertainment center to the spare room for a more casual living space. Adding a comfy sleeper sofa or sectional will make for an easy transition when guests come to town.


Yoga Studio/Guest Room

A room dedicated entirely to your health? What a novel (and stylish) idea. Whether used as a yoga studio or simply a quiet meditation space, with the addition of a divan and perhaps some extra-overstuffed bedrolls, this layout can easily morph into slumber party central.


Dressing Room/Guest Room

Your girlhood dream was to have a room full of clothes to dress up and twirl around in. So tell us, ye of the fortuitous flex room, what’s stopping you?


Craft Room/Guest Room

Wouldn't it be swell if your hobbies had a room of their own (read: weren’t spread out all over the dining table?). Feel free to work your crafts into the room’s decor—just make sure to put a thoughtful organization system in place and keep things nice and tidy.


Drawing Room/Guest Room

Formal drawing rooms became a thing in the 1600s, when high-profile guests (or tired hosts) needed a private room to retreat to and sip a cocktail. If old-world charm is your thing, consider styling this cozy but fancy room for intimate entertaining. With an antique daybed or extra long chaise in the mix, it can easily make a posh pad for sleeping off that third martini.


Office/Guest Room

This winning combo is popular for a reason—it’s endlessly versatile. Whatever sleeping option you go with (futon, foldout or daybed), you can still carve out a nook for a peaceful, productive workstation. (Bonus points for super-convenient WFH nap breaks.)

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