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Normally, grout is the last thing we get excited about. (Cleaning it is the worst.) But when you add glitter to it, it feels like your kitchen just got a face-lift. Here, everything you need to know about this new—surprisingly subtle—decor trend.

What is glitter grout? Basically, glitter grout is an additive that you put in regular grout to give the epoxy-based solution sealing in your kitchen tiles a shimmer effect.

But won’t my kitchen look like a night club? That’s the beauty of it—since the glitter is blended together with regular grout, it creates a hint of shine without looking overdone. You can also add as much (or as little) glitter as you want to the mixture. Hint: Less is more.

Here’s the best part: Infusing your grout with glitter actually takes the pressure off constant scrubbing since dirt tends to blend in with the shimmer. A win-win. 

Whoa, your backsplash is sparkling. It’s the grout. (Three words you never thought you’d utter.) 

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