Stress happens. That’s why it helps to come home to a clean and calm space. Forget wine and popcorn—it’s all about plants, decluttering and lots of light. Here’s your ultimate checklist for transforming your home into a sanctuary of good vibes.


Create a Welcoming Entryway

Fact: First impressions are everything. That’s why we’re putting more effort into our entryway. Not only does an inviting entrance have a positive effect on your mood every time you step foot through the door but it dramatically changes the way others walk into your home. You want to signal to your brain that you’re entering a safe space, so we suggest adding a functional console table with some greenery and a congenial piece of art.

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Incorporate an Attractive Scent

The word attractive here is twofold: First, the aroma should be one that elicits good, calming vibes—the kind of feels you have on vacation. Second, the vessel should be one you’re proud to put on display. Our suggestion? The new Glade® Plugins® Scented Oil in Sheer Vanilla Embrace®, which has a sweet, decadent scent with notes of vanilla blossoms and white orchid and a chic sculptural design to boot. After you plug one in and set it to your desired fragrance level, you’re basically doing self-care without lifting a finger (isn’t that best kind?).

succulents on a coffee table
Unsplash / Designecologist

Bring on the Green

Speaking of green, we’ve got good news. Spending $20 a week on fresh flowers may not fit into your budget, but we’re sure a couple of faux succulents do. You’ll be amazed at what a pop of green can (and will) do to your mood. Heck, if you’re up for the challenge of becoming a plant mom, invest in the real thing. We know you can do it.

bedroom vanity with mirror and lights

Craft a Sit-Down Vanity

No need to book a pricey trip to the spa for some R&R. Consider creating your own sit-down vanity to make every day feel luxurious. Start with a sleek, compact desk and a large mirror, preferably with lights. (It doesn’t have to be expensive: Go to IKEA or HomeGoods.) Then add a few succulents and your favorite makeup items. Trust us, it’ll become your new favorite corner.

white curtains with sunshine

Goodbye, Heavy Drapes

Scrub your windows squeaky-clean and let in that restorative natural light. While you’re at it, swap out your heavy drapes for dreamy sheer curtains. Then open those windows wide and let the light (and breeze) blow in. Ahhh, talk about serene.

clean and bright kitchen
Unsplash / Le Creuset

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

You know what triggers unnecessary stress? Not being able to find your keys. Or your glasses. Or your favorite book. Start keeping a clean and tidy home, with nothing you don’t need and everything you do need in its place. You’d be surprised how quickly it clears your head.

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