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Springtime garden parties, summertime fundraising fetes, ragers by the pool: We’ll (hopefully) be invited to them all, and we’d better have our host-gifting game on point. So here are 22 cool gifts that are fun to give and better to get...and none of them are a candle.

Hostess Hippie 1105x542
Roche Bobois

Hippie Loose

This pad is brightly colored, has bohemian flair and the hosts fancy themselves more than a little spiritual. Or hip. Probably both. They will love the natural touch of an agate coaster set and enjoy the simple styling of a beer growler filled with the trending IPA. Cinnamon-stick tea tickles their artisanal fancy, and a personalized cutting board will remind them, while they’re massaging their kale, that they have indeed arrived.

Hostess Preppy 1105x542
Michael Wells/Rue Magazine

Preppy Proper

He likes plaid, stripes and classic leather--but still injects a pop of color because, after all, we are in Cali. He’ll love the warm cast of chilled brass cocktail mugs, served on a monogrammed tray. Being the sporting type, he’ll appreciate your bringing him a board game. Be sure to offer to come back for a follow-up visit to challenge--or instruct--him in a game.

Hostess Beach 1105x542

Beachy Surfer Casual

White slipcovers, rattan and natural fibers--what’s more Cali casual? Gift a mug to commemorate her home beach, or if she shreds, a vintage surfer mag to display on her coffee table. A set of striped towels is great in the kitchen or guest bath.

Hostess Industry 1105x542

Industry Player

The studio bigwig doesn’t like flashy or outwardly self-promoting home decor. (That’s what sports cars are for.) So go for cute and thoughtful, like a sculptural flower frog vase filled with flowers or a popcorn maker for the screening room. A monogrammed soap dispenser says, “I know you have too many guest bathrooms to keep track.” And gift a book about a classic Hollywood icon, because you can be sure this host has bookshelves. You know, to hold all those awards.

Hostess Traveler 1105x542

World Traveler

The woman-of-the-world has seen it all, so help her commemorate with a map trinket box or a graphic bottle of Sicilian olive oil. A small Italian marble plate gives her somewhere to burn incense or sage--and she’ll appreciate a little cocktail kit on her next long-haul flight.

Hostess Status 1105x542
House & Home

Label Lover

Have you ever not seen her without her Birkin? Is she lost without her Louboutins? Then you’ll want to gift her something small but status-packed, like a little bit of Hermès via a deck of playing cards (the orange alone is worth it). Or a sculptural Tiffany & Co. paperweight. Perhaps a movie star cookbook (with surprisingly yummy recipes). Finally, a metal ashtray/business card holder signals that she’s so brassy, her own name is enough.