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We’re All About This French-Girl-Approved Hostess Trick
Flickr/Maggie Corleto

The table is set, the fig and burrata appetizers are assembled and the playlist is ingeniously curated to whisk guests from cocktail hour to late night dancing (nice touch). The problem? You’ve got a truckload of lukewarm booze...and nowhere to chill and store it.

Before you run to the hardware store and clear out the cooler supply (or have a total meltdown), consider this solution: the bathtub.

Your tub is roomy, insulating and absolutely free. Simply fill it with ice and arrange your beer, wine, bubbly, etc. inside it artfully so that they keep nice and cool. (Our French friends tipped us off to this being a big entertaining trend in Paris, where refrigerator space is at a premium and fetes are all about mastering effortlessness.)

Sure, it’s a tad scrappy. But it’s also very charming in a certain laissez faire, chic-French-lady kind of way. And the best part? The utility doubles as très festive bathroom decoration. Details, people.

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