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2016 may have been the year of hygge. But 2017 is definitely the year of hygge home decor. And there’s one accent piece in particular that we’ve been spotting—and swooning over—like crazy recently: fabric pendant lamps. 

Made of oversize thin metal frames and cloaked in gauzy white cotton, these beauties lend instantaneous ease and airiness to any room they’re placed in. 

But what the heck are they called? And how can I get my hands on one? 

We did some digging, and found out that the most iconic designs are the French Koushi Lamp by Mark Eden Schooley and the Norwegian Z1 Cotton Lamp by Nelson Sepulveda (both have been best sellers in Europe for several years now). But our favorite (and slightly more tailored) iteration is the très chic French Laundry Light by American designer Palmer Earley of Nellcote Studio for SONDER Living. 

Soft yet statement making, these buzzy ceiling lamps are luxurious in the same way a simple, all-white linen bed is: It relaxes you just by looking at it. 

Admit it: You totally want one. 

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