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Whether you work from home (WFH) as a dedicated employee of the gig economy, spend a few days working out of your apartment each month or recently started your own business (go, you!), you need a functional home office. After you’ve compiled these essentials for your live-in workspace, give it a fun name like they do at The Wing’s coworking spaces. Because channeling madwoman Peggy Olson feels like a positive way to start the workday.

Designated Space

First and foremost, you need a specific area for your home office. It cannot be the kitchen table, the couch or—gasp—the bed, as tempting as that may be. If an extra room is available to you, perfect. If the only space to spare is a corner of the guest bedroom, take it. Just make sure you clearly differentiate between home and office. Screen dividers are super helpful for open floor plans or secluding yourself into an office-specific zone. Try snagging one like this Jakun Honey Shoji panel divider that lets a little light through while blocking distractions.

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Ergonomic Chair

We’ll be blunt: Bad chair, bad office. Good chair? Great office. Invest in an ergonomic chair that is comfortable, supportive and adjustable. They make ’em real cute now too. Your back (and mind) will thank you.

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Versatile Desk

Sitting all day might not be your thing, ergonomic chair or not. In that case, opting for a desk that can morph into a standing desk might be a good idea. Tons of brands are hopping onto the wellness wagon to ensure workers can stand and stretch without logging off or sacrificing style. Check out this modern Brayden Studio desk if you don’t believe us.

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Ample Lighting

Home offices benefit from lots of natural light. If possible, set up shop near a window. If not, make sure you’ve got bright task lighting on your desk and inviting general lighting overhead. A City University London study found that lighting impacts productivity and happiness in the workplace; both improve when individuals can adjust the lighting according to their needs. We love this matte mint green adjustable task light.

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There’s nothing more frustrating—or unprofessional—than misplacing important items. Being able to locate something at the drop of a hat, whether it’s a paperclip or a client contract, will make your life more efficient and your image more polished. Every home office requires both desktop organization (for things like pens, scissors and staples) and hidden organization (for things like paperwork, marketing materials and physical files). We adore this copper-colored desktop organizer and this rose-gold inbox/outbox filing set.

Again, the key here is quick access. Find a system that works for you, whether it’s a filing cabinet with hanging files or a bookshelf with standing binders.

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Rubbish Bins

Sometimes the best place for a document is the trash. A dual bin that can hold your garbage (all those empty takeout containers) as well as your recycling (all your empty LaCroix cans) is ideal.

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Reliable Printer

This one may not be an essential for everybody since many businesses are going paperless. However, if you need a printer, find one that is reliable and suits your needs—not your wants, but your needs. If you often create PDF files from scanned images, invest in a printer with scanning capabilities. If you print invoices or contracts constantly, find a printer with cartridge longevity. Just don’t buy all the fancy bells and whistles if it’ll sit accumulating dust.

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Cord Cover

Keep unsightly cords and power strips neat and hidden with a subtle cord cover or box. Voilà! You’re a profesh with an office to match.

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