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Sure, you have a few tricks up your sleeve. (Ooh, look at you folding your T-shirts KonMari-style…) But everyone could use a few valuable tips when it comes to dreaded laundry day. Here, seven secrets for keeping your clothes looking their best.


Keep Colors Brighter with Pepper

Black pepper: Not just for that new pasta dish you’ve been eyeing.

Use a Salad Spinner to Wash Your Bras

It can dry your lettuce and gently clean your undergarments.


Get Rid of Sweat Stains with Lemon

'Tis the season for yellow T-shirt pits. (Or every season, if you’re anything like us.) Here’s an easy fix.

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Know Exactly When to Use Every Type of Washer Setting

Seriously, WTF is permanent press?


Wash Your Denim in Cold Water

…And nine other commandments to follow when it comes to laundering your jeans.


Avoid Fabric Softeners on Towels

Did you know softeners actually do the opposite on your terry cloth? That, and six other tips for keeping your towels fresher longer.


And Know How to Remove Every Type of Stain

Print out our gorgeous list and hang it in your laundry room to reference in your most panicked moments.

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