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You want a swoon-worthy, sophisticated pad, but you’re busy you know, living life and such. Don’t despair—there are dozens of high-impact, super-easy updates that can be pulled off in a single afternoon. From styling tricks to micro cleaning, here, 26 little home updates with major payoff.

Stow the kitchen trash can

Fact: Even the fancy ones are still an eyesore.

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Move coats to a closet

Your ever-expanding pegboard is about to take the wall down.


And while you’re at it, freshen the water

Be gone, unsightly plant gunk.

Fill a bowl with fresh fruits and veggies

Instant magazine polish.


Pour your olive oil into a decanter


And your booze


Karate chop your pillows


Cut coffee table decor in half

Behold, the beauty of editing.

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Dust chandeliers and ceiling fans

Because you know it’s been aeons.

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Sort the mail pile

And find a home for everything.

Oil the cutting boards and butcher block

Just like new.

Wipe down TV and computer screens

Later, smudges and dust.

Tuck away the hamper

Or invest in one with a lid.

Un-decorate the refrigerator

Consider framing your kiddo’s art instead of magnetizing it haphazardly.

Wrangle electrical cords

The battle of the ethernet.

Corral clutter

Purse junk happens--that’s why God created catchalls.

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Straighten paintings on their hooks

Ninety degrees, people.


Adjust curtains on their rods

Fluff, fluff, ahh.

Stow bathroom products

Clean and clear and under control.

Swap liquid for bar soap

Placed in a pretty dish.

Adjust books so that spines are straight in line

An architect’s dream.

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Buff mirrors and glass surfaces

Buh-bye, streaks and scuffs.


Replace melty, messy candlesticks

Hocus-pocus chic is not a thing.

De-grease your kitchen cabinets

Nothing a little sponge action can’t fix.

Wipe metal focal points

Gleaming faucets and pots and pans, please.

Hang towels properly

That’s right—fold 'em in half and hang evenly on a towel rack.

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