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We don’t know about you, but when we’re looking to tackle a new project, we often get lost down a rabbit hole of complex tutorials. In an effort to weed out the projects you should and shouldn’t try, we’ve teamed up with Ace Hardware to bring you a six-part video series on the best DIY paint hacks.

And to make these even easier for you, Ace’s Extra Mile Promise guarantees you’ll work directly with a store employee who will ensure you get everything for your paint project with just one trip to the store or delivery is free.* This means you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to buy certain brushes or having enough cans of paint.

*Terms and conditions may apply. See link for details.

How to Freshen Up an Outdated Space

No construction necessary

Way back when you redid your bathroom, it was the first room you showed off to guests. (Ooh, sage green walls!) But fast-forward to today and it’s the last room you want people to see. (Ugh, sage green walls).To resurrect your space, learn how to brighten it up.

The Key Items:

Your Easy Step-by-Step Guide:

fresh color step 1

Start by taping off the edges of the wall using painter’s tape. Be sure to really secure the edge of the tape so paint doesn’t seep underneath. (Tip: Use a credit card.) Using an angled paintbrush, start painting along the taped edges with the color of your choice

fresh color step 2

After you paint the edges, use a roller to paint the rest of the walls, overlapping as you go for even coverage.

fresh color step 3

Before painting the cabinets with your color of choice, wash them with a cleaner and degreaser. We suggest using a one-step, chalk-based paint so you don’t have to sand, strip or prime.

fresh color step 4

After everything dries, it’s time to decorate. Swap your old hardware for updated versions (we like brushed metal) and add pieces that will lend an extra color pop.

How to Add an Accent Color

A Little Pick-Me-Up for Any Room

We love everything about painted brick walls (hello, industrial chic), as long as they’re painted the right color. We took this fireplace, which was crying out for a makeover, and turned it into a stunning new focal point for the room. Here’s how to replicate it in your own home.

The Key Items:

Your Easy Step-by-Step Guide:

accent wall step 1

Prep the surface by using a no-rinse wall cleaner to ensure the paint goes on smoothly. Wear rubber gloves and use circular motions to degrease the wall.

accent color paint roller

Pour the paint into the tray (don’t forget to use a liner) and coat the roller by moving it up and down.

accent wall step 3

Paint with overlapping strokes to get nice, even coverage. Use a small paintbrush to get into all the nooks and crannies.

How to Paint a Watercolor Wall

Permission to Stare at It All Day Long

Your bedroom is the perfect place to show off your personality, yet yours could use a little color pick-me-up. The easiest (and coolest) way to instantly add life to the walls? Watercolor. And trust us, you don’t have to be an artist to tackle this project.

The Key Items:

Your Easy Step-by-Step Guide:

watercolor step 1

Prepare your space by laying drop cloths on the floor and using painters’ tape to protect any areas that you don’t want touched, like electrical covers and molding. Before the first brushstroke, clean the wall with soap and water.

watercolor step 2

Pour a little paint into a small plastic container. Then thin it out with water until the solution has a drippy consistency. It helps to experiment with a few different mixtures on a sheet of white paper until you find the one that works best for your space.

watercolor step 3

Starting at the top of the wall, use short (or stippled) strokes to achieve a textured look. The key is the drips, so it’s OK to ditch your usual perfectionism.

watercolor step 4

As you work your way across and down the wall, it’s important to keep the paint wet in order to have a true watercolor effect. Use a spray bottle to spritz small areas as you go along.

watercolor step 5

Let the wall completely dry before putting your furniture back into place. We suggest placing your bed against the watercolor wall and keeping the rest of the room’s color palette neutral.