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Your bathroom is expected to house so many things: hair straighteners, towels, plungers, the works. When you don’t have a lot of space, this can get tricky. If a renovation (and expansion) isn’t doable, try these five quick and easy hacks to instantly create more storage.

Ikea Bathroom Magnet

Use Magnets to Maximize Space

For smaller items that take up precious drawer space, adhere a magnetic strip to the wall or the inside of your medicine cabinet. Use it to store things like tweezers, nail clippers and those random bobby pins you never know what to do with.

Ikea Bathroom Towels

Roll ’Em Up

Instead of folding towels and stacking them in the cabinet, roll them up and create a space-saving towel pyramid. Display them on a pretty tray or, if you want them out of view, place them in a basket inside the cabinet.

Add More Shelves

If your bathroom lacks cabinet storage, create more shelf space by adding a stand-alone unit like the MOLGER shelf unit from IKEA. These shelves are great for storing necessities like towels and toilet paper. Tip: Add a basket to each shelf to create a makeshift drawer.

Ikea Bathroom Shelf

Raise It Up

A small vanity is an actual nightmare. If your counter space is only big enough to hold your toothbrush, take things to the next level (literally). Install a shelf over the sink or place a riser directly over the faucet. Now you have a space to keep soap, candles and other small essentials.

Ikea Bathroom Shower Caddy

Reuse and Recycle

Why buy a fancy organizer for under the sink (a place no one really sees) when you can repurpose something you already have? A shower caddy is perfect for storing and organizing shampoo, soap and cleansers vertically.

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