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Dyson’s $30 Kid-Size Vacuum Turns Playtime into Chore Time (Yaaas)

No matter how often you pick up after your little one, they seem to always leave a path of destruction. Toys everywhere. Crayons on the walls. Half-eaten snacks stuck to the coffee table. While they might not have the whole clean-up thing down pat just yet (even if you sing “The Clean-Up Song” like a broken record), they can now actually help with the housework without even realizing it.

We give you the Dyson Ball Vacuum toy. It looks almost identical to the real adult version (which is also $150 off on Amazon at this very moment), but shrunken down for kids ages 3 and older. It features simulated cyclone action, visible by tiny, colorful balls bopping around the clear chamber and twists and turns like a real Dyson Ball Vacuum. And—get this—it even has enough suction to pick up small bits of paper and dirt. Say, what? Yep, you heard right. You can actually empty a real dustbin full of your kids’ small messes. Hallelujah! 

Forget Hatchimals. The Dyson Ball Vacuum toy just shot straight to the top of their holiday wish lists (if we have anything to do with it).

Buy It ($30)

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