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Whether you live in a 1,000-square-foot apartment in Uptown or a 3,000-square-foot Tudor in the M Streets, it seems like space is a problem for everyone. The issue? Not enough of it. Here are the best (and easiest) ways to get rid of everything you don’t want anymore.

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make extra cash dallas donating old things

When You Want To Make Some Extra Cash

Ready to sell your designer goodies to someone who will give them the tender loving care they deserve? Dallas is stacked with luxury consignment stores that pay quite well for your secondhand stuff. Our favorites include Clothes Circuit, Luxury Garage Sale, Keeks and To Be Continued.

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professional help dallas donating old things

When You Don’t Know What To Throw Out And What To Keep

Sometimes the hardest part of paring down is simply getting started. If even that is just too daunting, call Margaret at Neat Method. This lifestyle service is all about creating sustainable solutions for storing your stuff. Not only that, but you will get honest advice about what to keep and what to send packing…like all the DVDs you will never watch again (OK, except for Mean Girls).

furniture dallas donating old things

When You Need To Get Rid Of Something Big

Looking to donate an old mattress, TV or piano but don’t have a way to haul it somewhere? The Family Place accepts most everything and finds great homes for your stuff. Call 214-358-0381 to schedule a pickup. The Salvation Army will also send a truck for large items. Additionally, you can check with the City of Dallas to find out your “brush and bulk” schedule and even sign up to get reminders. And yah, that’s why your neighbor put his washing machine on the curb last Wednesday

support a good cause dallas donating old things

When You Want To Support A Good Cause

Why not help women in need of interview-appropriate outfits by donating clothes you don’t wear anymore to Dress for Success? Have furniture and housewares in good condition? Dwell with Dignity helps families working toward self-sufficiency by making over their homes with furniture, art, bedding and kitchen supplies. Because we all know a little refresh is good for the soul.

store for later dallas donating old things

When You Just Can’t Bring Yourself To Say Goodbye Forever

You can’t explain it, but the thought of saying goodbye to the bike you used all four years during undergrad is more than you can bear. Callbox will come and pick up your stuff for free, create a photo inventory and store it for you (that part costs money, but still cool, right?). When you want your bike back, just select it from the items in your online account and it’ll show up at your doorstep.


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