These 5 Decor Trends Are Officially on the Way Out for 2018

As soon as something’s everywhere, you don’t want to see it anymore. (Such is the agony and ecstasy of trends.) To that end, get ready to say goodbye to these five overplayed home decor additions in the new year. Read ’em and weep, guys.

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Plant-Lady Chic

We’re all for ample interior greenery, but the modern-boho “Jungalow” aesthetic (think: hanging plants everywhere, air succulents tacked to the walls, etc.) is looking pretty tired these days. 


Word Art

The Joanna Gaines-led “modern farmhouse” mania of the past year led to a rise in shockingly tasteful word art. But if we see another iron-forged “Gather” sign, we’re gonna lose it. 


Beni Ourain Rugs

Aka those fuzzy white Moroccan rugs with zigzags that you’ve been seeing everywhere for the past few years. Nowadays, spotting one of these babies in a living room is about as predictable as stainless in the kitchen. 


Palm Print Wallpaper

Once synonymous with old Hollywood glamour (thanks to its prominence at the Beverly Hills Hotel), bold banana leaf walls are now abundant in the wild. (Instagram can handle only so much of one pattern.)


Millennial Pink Accents

’Twas the year of a distinct salmon-y shade across the home’s “decorative layer” (think: accents, paint, kitchenware). As for 2018? We’re looking forward to reintroducing an earthier palette. Sorry, youths.  

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