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As much as we aspire to minimalism, it can be hard to live by it when there are so many amazing kitchen gadgets to try. The good news is that there are a slew of apps and services that make paring down to just one (sigh) spiralizer easy—you don’t even have to leave your home.

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If You Want to Support a Good Cause

Cleaning out your storage unit feels pretty great, right? The only better feeling is when you’ve given those purged items to a good cause. Search DonationTown for local charities that will pick up your hand-me-downs, or host a drive for Dress for Success. For the ultimate in do-gooder donations, take that giant box you’ve been meaning to recycle, fill it with your castoffs and print a free shipping label through Give Back Box to send to Goodwill (extra bonus: they’ll also recycle your box).

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If You’re Trying To Make Some Extra Dough

The number of cocktail dresses that you’ve worn once as a wedding guest is getting out of hand. But hauling them all to Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange feels harder than getting up for 6 a.m. SoulCycle. No sweat. Poshmark, Tradesy and TheRealReal all make selling your clothes easy. Just post your items; they’ll mail you the necessary shipping materials.

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If You Can’t Quite…Let Go

You’ve got limited closet space and no need for your down coat now that it’s spring. Or maybe you’re downsizing but just can’t bear to part with your grandmother’s dining set. MakeSpace and Sortly will not only store your items; they’ll provide the necessary bins and handle pickup and delivery. Clutter does all that and catalogs your stuff online so you can quickly find it.

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