7 Easy Ways to De-Stress Your Home

Is your home on the messy, noisy or overly bright side of the lifestyle spectrum? It might be causing you to be on edge. Try these seven little tweaks, none of which cost a lot of money or major hassle. Because no one’s best life is spent dodging clutter and dirty dishes.

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Jennifer Hagler

Decorate With Earth Tones

Yes, we love visiting friends and shops that have lots of bright colors. But if we lived with such vivid hues, we’d feel nervous each time we entered a room. Rich brown, warm off-white, calming dark and light green and tranquil blue are go-tos for a home. Just don’t overdo the strict color palette or things might seem too institutional.

Design by Jennifer Hagler

Taylor and Taylor

Do The Dishes

Forget the old rule about never going to bed angry. What’s really life-enhancing is never going to bed with a dirty plate in the sink.

Design by Taylor + Taylor

Kari McIntosh Design

Practice The 10-minute End-of-day Tidying Habit

Get large baskets and bins to tuck under tables—they’re a quick way to organize hide anything that’s cluttering up tabletops. Do it before bed and you’ll wake up to an orderly home. (And with any luck, you’ll train your family members to look inside the baskets for their own damn umbrellas.)

Design by Kari McIntosh Design

Jennifer Hagler

Soften Up

Hang curtains and throw down a sheepskin; it’s going to relax you more than looking at hard angles and less-than-crisp upholstery.

Design by Jennifer Hagler

Pottery Barn

Create A Dedicated Charging Station In Each Room

“Where’s my charger?” “Where did my headphones go?” “What is the meaning of life and why do we even bother?” Don’t fall victim to lost electronics syndrome. Just get a charging station for every room and keep the right cords and accessories right there.


Bring Nature Inside

A potted plant or cut flowers are so soothing. But make sure you keep the plants green and the flowers perky, because slow decay is not soothing.


Dose The Dog

No, but seriously. You love her rambunctious personality, but sometimes Lady doesn’t know when playtime is over. Turn your manic mini stalker into a chill companion with a few drops of Love Grass. This anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory supplement is made of CBD oil, the non-psychoactive cannabis derivative that’s all the rage in animal (and people) wellness.

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