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There is absolutely nothing wrong with Netflix and chill. We love Netflix and chill. But as an activity for date night, it’s kind of the equivalent of giving up and retiring to Boca. Here, 18 unassailably better date night ideas.

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planting Seets watering can flowers

Plant Some Seeds

Head to your local nursery and either start or expand a home garden. (Better to test-drive your ability to keep things alive with a plant rather than a child.)

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couple at farmers market date idea

Hit Up a Farmers' Market

Turn a trip to the farmers' market into an agricultural learning experience (asking farmers questions about their craft often results in both freebies and unexpected tidbits). Then scour PureWow recipes for a delicious dinner idea and head home to cook your bounty.

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Go Rock Climbing

Sure, spelunking doesn’t sound super sexy, but this interactive and challenging workout just might take your love to new heights. (Sorry, we had to.)


Plan a Bike Ride Picnic

Play it old school with this romantic and (best of all) unplugged day date. Balance out an afternoon of lounging and decadent picnicking by biking to and from your preferred picnic spot.

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couple reading book together date idea

Couple's Book Club

Choose one book a month and both read it (but don't talk about it). Then go out for dinner and discuss.

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Roller Skating

Relive the magic of being 13 by holding date night at the local roller rink, treating yourself to some cheese fries and wondering if he'll kiss you underneath the disco ball.


Oyster Shucking

Oysters make great snacks (and aphrodisiacs) and all, but when you shuck 'em yourself, the experience becomes even more specialand charmingly nautical.


Target Practice

Head to the shooting range and take out that pent-up aggression on a cardboard cutout rather than each other.

couple drinking beer date idea

Brew Your Own Beer

You could go to a brewery like everyone else, or you could buy a kit and turn your own kitchen into an impromptu brewery, obviously naming your concoction after your favorite inside joke.


Indulge in People-Watching

Sometimes nothing beats the good old-fashioned (albeit judgy) act of checking strangers out. Pick a bustling locale, order cocktails and a cheese board and let the hilarity of humanity unfold before you. (Bonus points for crafting a backstory for that weirdo in the Hammer pants.)


Go Thrift Shopping

Make the (single) dollar bills rain à la Macklemore by going on a shopping spree/treasure hunt at your local thrift shops and flea markets. Just make sure you agree on which items get to come home with you.


Sing Karaoke

There is a great big world of love songs just waiting for your untrained voices to ruin them.

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couple wine tasting date idea

Hold a DIY Wine Tasting

Step 1) Purchase Wine for Dummies. Step 2) Hold private at-home wine tasting. 3) Taste so many wines that you totally forget all the vital intel you just learned about tannins.


Sign Up For Cardio Dance Class

Take an intensive dance class workout together and booty bump your way to better bods.


Become Local Explorers

Pick a new town or neighborhood and spend an afternoon walking unfamiliar streets, popping into any storefronts that look appealing and treating yourself to souvenirs along the way.

couple playing with dog date idea

Sign Up For Puppy Playtime

Head to the Humane Society and play with adorable pets sure to remedy even the sourest of moods. Warning: Do not, under any circumstances, bring a wallet with you unless you plan on carting several puppies home.

couple spa treatment date idea

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

Turn your date night into a date day by taking a load off and buying full day passes to a local spa. Then spend the hours lounging in cozy robes and decompressing around the steam room, pool and mud baths—all while drinking cayenne cucumber water, of course.


Test-Drive Luxury Cars

Dress up in your weekend-chic best and “go shopping” for the new car you so desperately need. (Silk head scarf not optional.)

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