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Recently, the highlight of our days have been the endorphin rush that we get from online shopping, and we’ve plowed through an embarrassing amount of Netflix shows. In other words, we’re b-o-r-e-d—and we think it has something to do with hibernation season being in full swing and social distancing guidelines still in effect. Which is why we’ve decided to get into crafting. Thinking of doing the same? Here are 25 craft kits—from embroidery and sculpting to simple drawing—that will keep you busy this winter.

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Uncommon Goods

1. Rachel Austen Springtime Paint-by-Number Kit

Don’t consider yourself much of a creative type? Good news: Paint-by-number kits require the bare minimum of artistic talent. Just fill in each numbered shape with its corresponding paint color and before you know it, you’ll have a finished product worthy of being framed. This spring-themed design is pretty simple (i.e., it only uses eight colors), so you should be able to complete it in about three and a half hours.

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2. DilaBee Complete DIY Candle Making Kit

If you’ve never made candles before, reviewers say this is definitely the kit to start with. It includes wicks, fragrances, a melting pitcher, a thermometer, candle tins, stirring sticks and more. Basically, it’s everything you need to make four custom candles. “I’m totally thrilled with this kit. I have never tried anything like this before, but it was a piece of cake,” confirms one reviewer.

$50 at Amazon

Crate Joy

3. Craft Kitsune Subscription

Want to diversify your crafting game? Sign up for this subscription, and you’ll get supplies and instructions for a different creative activity delivered straight to your door every month. This month’s project is stained glass, but past boxes have included everything from DIY polymer clay jewelry to a needle felting starter kit.

Buy It ($34/Month)


4. Flora Embroidery Kit

Learning embroidery can be a bit intimidating, which is why we recommend opting for a simple set to get started. This one comes with with an embroidery hoop, a cotton fabric square, an embroidery needle, thread, a template and a stitch guide to make things easy for you. And look how damn cute the finished product is!

Buy It ($40)

Uncommon Goods

5. DIY Organic Bath Bomb Kit

“I was pleasantly surprised by how these bath bombs turned out. I’m not much of a DIY genius but the instructions were super easy to follow,” reads one review. This bundle includes two tin molds and enough all-natural ingredients to make 16 mini bath bombs. Pop one in the tub when you’re done and let the soothing components like rose petals, lavender, chamomile and Epsom salts work their magic.

Buy It ($25)

Crate Joy

6. Craft In Style DIY Box

Similar to the Craft Kitsune subscription, the Craft In Style Box provides you with a different DIY project every month. This month, it’s a nature-themed embroidery box with instructions on how to create different stitches and designs. “I look forward to [this box] every month. It’s always something new and usually something I haven’t tried before,” says one woman.

Buy It ($31/Month)


7. Chalkfulloflove Modern Calligraphy Set

Even if your penmanship is chicken scratch at best, it’s possible to reach a Meghan Markle level of calligraphy with a little practice. This set includes a book full of helpful techniques, two pens, a brush pen, a pencil and an eraser. Before you know it, you’ll be churning out hand-lettered thank you cards after the kids’ birthdays.

$41 at Amazon

Crate Joy

8. Paletteful Packs

Prefer to have some artistic freedom with your crafts? Go with the Paletteful Packs subscription, which ships you a bundle of art supplies like watercolors, markers or acrylics each month. Each box also comes with paper, information on the supplies and tips and techniques you might want to try. From there, you can go ahead and create whatever comes to mind.

Buy It (From $34/Month)


9. NotTheBlackSheep Chunky Yarn Arm Knitting Kit

Instead of dropping $100 on one of those Insta-chic chunky knit blankets, just make one yourself. This Etsy seller includes arm knitting instructions (yup, you use your hands instead of knitting needles) and merino yarn. Feeling a little intimidated? Don’t fret, one reviewer says it was so easy, it only took her an hour.

Buy It (From $69)


10. Caydo Screen-Printing Starter Kit

If you’re in the mood to jazz up some of your t-shirts, tote bags or sweatshirts, invest in a screen-printing kit. This one comes with three different sized screen-printing frames, an ink knife, three types of squeegees, masking tape, transparency film and, of course, instructions. Just be aware that you’ll have to buy your own ink separately.

$31 at Amazon


11. Lia Griffith Crepe Paper Flower Kit

How pretty will these paper ranunculus look sitting in a vase on your desk? Turns out, they’re fairly easy to make, too. Just use the pattern to cut the crepe paper, follow the instructions to hot glue the petals and the wire stem to the included foam ball and you’re good to go. Psst, you’ll need to buy a hot glue gun, if you don’t already own one.

$17 at Amazon


12. Crayola Paint-Pour Canvas Art

We’ve been seeing mesmerizing paintings like these all over TikTok, but we never thought we could actually create one ourselves. But this set from Crayola makes it totally achievable. Follow the clear step-by-step instructions and you’ll be amazed at what you can create.

Buy It ($20)


13. Bobilon Cozy Basket Crochet Kit

While this crochet basket may look intricate, the Esty seller says it should only take you about two to four hours to complete. Choose from 49 different colors of yarn, depending on where you plan to put your finished basket (or who you plan to gift it to). Oh, and don’t worry if you’ve never crocheted before; one reviewer says her basket still came out looking professional, despite it being her first time all thanks to the specific instructions.

Buy It ($65)


14. MossyMossbyOlia Wood Moss Wall Art DIY Kit

Make sure you’ve got a hot glue gun, scissors and a spray bottle with water on hand, and this Etsy seller will send you everything else you need to make some nature-inspired wall art. The bundle features preserved moss, ferns and flowers which you can use to add a little bit of low-maintenance greenery to your home.

Buy It ($38)

Crate Joy

15. Ceramic Jewelry Dish Paint Kit

Decorating these heart-shaped jewelry dishes will transport you back to that “paint your own pottery” shop you always used to go to as a kid. But unlike those projects, this one (thankfully) doesn’t require a kiln. Just paint them with your desired colors, then cover your design with a layer of the included clear gloss, to protect against wear.

Buy It ($34)


16. TiedToCleaveland DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

Is there any better way to spend a bleak winter afternoon than learning how to make a boho wall hanging? This Etsy shop includes text, picture and video instructions along with the supplies, so you can follow along in whichever way you learn best. A few strategic knots later and your creation will be ready to be hung.

Buy It ($24)


17. TheSketchingPadShop Mosaic Mirror Kit

“It was just as described and came out beautifully. The instructions were perfect and it was easy for a beginner to follow,” one buyer says of this mosaic mirror kit. Select either a circle- or square-shaped mirror and black or white grout, and the Etsy seller will take care of the rest. She even includes paint to decorate the inner rim of the mirror when you’re done.

Buy It (From $25)


18. Felted Sky Succulents Needle Felting Kit

We’ve killed succulents more times than we’d like to admit, so having a few made out of felt sounds like a much smarter alternative. The FeltedSky Etsy seller notes that while making all of the leaves might be a bit involved, the video instructions make this project possible for people of all skill levels. Plus, she adds that felting can be very meditative and stress-relieving. Sign us up.

Buy It (From $35)


19. Faber-Castell Abstract Art for Beginners

More of an abstract art fan? This multi-media set will help you create studio-quality abstract works at home. It contains enough materials to make four different designs, so it’ll keep you occupied for at least a few Saturday nights.

Buy It ($13)


20. Katrilee DIY Polymer Clay Earring Kit

If you’re picky about earrings, it’s probably about time you make your own. This Esty shop will send you polymer clay, earring posts and closures, sandpaper, baking paper, two shape cutters, a roller, a toothpick and instructions on how to go about creating your earrings. “[This kit] helped me to stay sane in lockdown. So much fun to make and the steps make it really simple,” writes one customer.

Buy It ($28)


21. Craft Crush Paper Bowls Kit

Here’s another pastime that seems super relaxing. All it takes is some paper circles and glue to make these delicate bowls. Simply glue the circles over one of the included molds, let them dry and harden and your bowl is finished. We just hope you have room to display it in your living room.

$18 at Amazon


22. ElementalLeaf Solar Printing Kit

Never heard of solar printing before? Us either. Apparently, it involves placing objects on light-sensitive paper and leaving them in direct sunlight to create a cool print. This Etsy seller provides a bunch of pretty objects and shapes that you can mix and match when creating your art.

Buy It (From $18)


23. Origami Lucky Stars

This book comes with 1,000 vibrant paper strips and guidance on how to fold them into star shapes. Our advice? Turn on your favorite Spotify playlist and start folding for a lazy Sunday activity. Psst, origami is also a great way to keep your hands busy while watching your fifth consecutive hour of Bridgerton.

$8 at Amazon


24. StringoftheArt Sunrise Punch Needle Kit

Sure, this kit is a bit pricey, but the final result is something we’d absolutely want to hang on our wall. Reviewers say the kit comes with clear instructions and neatly packaged materials, which makes the project super simple. Just make sure to select the option that includes a punch needle, if you don’t already have one.

Buy It (From $65)


25. Sculpd Pottery Kit

There’s something so satisfying about creating your own pot, planter, dish or sculpture with your bare hands. Sculpd’s pottery kit includes two bags of air-drying clay, plus all the necessary tools to create any mini pottery project you can dream up.

Buy It ($59)

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