This Rad New Subscription Service Will Replace Your Linens Every 6 Months

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Gummy bears. Idris Elba. New bedding. It’s the little things...ya know?

If you’re especially tickled by the latter, we’ve got some novel news, friends: You can now subscribe to a lifetime of fresh bed linens...for as little as $5 a month.

The aptly titled Coyuchi for Life subscription—a partnership between the luxe, organic bedding brand Coyuchi and recycling start-up The Renewal Workshop—works much the same as Netflix. But instead of movie rentals, you get crisp, new sheets, duvets and/or towels delivered to your doorstep, in your chosen interval of every six, 12 or 24 months.

In addition to a stream of fresh, affordable and gorgeous linens, the program has a rather noble mission: to one day make textiles as circular as plastics (the average American trashes 82 pounds of linen goods a year and has nowhere to recycle it).

As to what exactly happens to your old sheets? You send ’em back to Coyuchi (with the provided return box), where they’ll be given new life as upcycled cloth or insulation.

Super cool (like the other side of the pillow), right?

Grace Beuley Hunt

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