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Candy canes, nutcrackers and tinsel are great and all, but wouldn’t it be fun to shake things up at Christmas this year? (No, we don’t mean telling Aunt Sally you’re moving to Morocco.) From boozy desserts to Scandinavian place settings, here are ten of our favorite new trends for this holiday season.

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christmas trend dog pjs

Matching PJs…for Your Dog

Because Fido always feels left out when you take the annual family PJ pic on Christmas morning. Now he can have his own matching pair, too. 

christmas trends edible bowls

Edible Bowls

Move over, Aunt Sally’s broccoli casserole. This holiday’s spread will be served in dishes you can take a bite out of. Think: mac and cheese in an acorn squash, anything served in bread bowls and quinoa-stuffed eggplant.

christmas trend scandinavian table

Minimalist Place Settings

Allll the hygge for this year’s holidays. We love the Scandinavian vibes of pared-down tablescapes, simple glass and ceramic settings and wooden serving ware. (And don’t forget the tiny fir sprigs.)

christmas trend blush

Blush and Orange

Not your typical red and green, these two colors wrapped as ribbons around wreaths or incorporated into the holiday tablescape are a breath of fresh air this season. Plus, you didn’t really think your December would be devoid of millennial pink, did you?

christmas trend boozy ice cream
The Tipsy Scoop

Boozy Desserts


It’s 2017, and it’s no longer enough to sip on a cocktail or glass of wine. If you can have your boozy cake, you might as well eat it, too. Yes, alcohol-infused soft serve is a thing that exists, thanks to NYC-based parlor Tipsy Scoop, but you can also get in on the alcohol-meets-sweets trends by whipping up a jelly doughnut cocktail or brown butter bourbon chocolate chip cookies. So bring on the champagne sorbet and drunken gingerbread men.

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christmas trend pom pom


Let's just go ahead and all call them the new red ribbons. This year, expect to see packages spiced up with little colored baubles, either hot-glued to brown package paper or adorning stockings, mantles and more.

christmas trend bonkers hot cocoa

Bonkers Hot Chocolate

Bonkers milkshakes? So 2016. This year, our hot cocoa is getting the royal treatment. Whether it’s unicorn-themed or just dressed up in cookies and cotton candy, it’s perfect for the ‘Gram (and our taste buds), and for that reason, we’re all in.

christmas trend gold eyeliner

Gold Eyeliner

Don’t go to your holiday party without it, because this is the number one beauty trend of the season according to Pinterest. The soft smudged glitter looks great on every skin tone and adds the perfect amount of  holiday pizzazz to any ensemble (not just your New Year’s Eve get-up). 

christmas trend book

Old-School Gifts

Ditch the long lines at Best Buy (who needs an iPhoneX anyway?) for good old-fashioned gifts that aren’t just another gadget. We’re talking books for kids (you’ll be surprised how transfixed they’ll be), socks for your siblings and pretty stationery for Grammie.

christmas trend french

Everything French

Joyeaux Noel, indeed. Borrowing from the Parisians is nothing new, but we firmly believe their unique approach to Christmas traditions—think: Christmas Eve dinner instead of Christmas day, minimalist decorations (especially outside) and zero eggnog but lots of bubbly— est trés magnifique.

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