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Sure, your kids are excitedly tweeting their wish lists to Santa this year, but a couple other family members are equally excited for the holidays: your pets (just look at them posing with Santa). Make sure your furry friends have something waiting for them under the tree. Here, 12 pawsitively perfect gifts for your pet.

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Furbo Interactive Pet Camera

This one’s for both of you: You get to watch your dog all day long from your phone and he gets to catch treats you virtually throw him. #technology

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Cat Trapeze

On second thought, we’d like one of these for ourself.

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Gourmet Christmas Treats

Sure, your pup was naughty for chewing up your new shoes, but she’ll always make the nice list.

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Camo Winter Jacket

Not sure where the faux-fur hood ends and Bella begins.

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Pizza Plush Chew Toy

Your furry friend deserves the whole damn pie.

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Casper Bed

If you’re OK with the pup sleeping on a nicer mattress than you, then this pet bed is a no-brainer.

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Apollo Cat Wine

It comes in flavors like Pinot Meow, Zinfantail and Catbernet. Don’t worry—it’s not real alcohol, but it’ll get your cat buzzed, sort of like a liquid cat nip.

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Ollie Food Subscription

Buddy is going to go bananas for this gourmet pet meal subscription, made from real ingredients and delivered to your door every week.


Bocce's Bakery Treats

For the dog with sophisticated tastebuds, let him dine on lobster roll, beef bourguignon or chicken cordon bleu flavored treats.

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iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy

Lazy dog owners, this one’s for you.

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Pooch Selfie Stick

Your pet is one step closer to becoming Insta-famous.

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Great White Shark Cat Bed

She better hide her paws from Jaws.

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