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Dinner and a movie is the yoga pants of a dating: comfortable, easy and always a good time. But the actual acts of staring at a screen and stuffing your faces? Not the greatest for deepening your connection (or turning up the heat, for that matter). In an effort to elevate date night, we tapped relationship expert Rachel DeAlto for several clever ideas to boost—not stagnate—your chemistry.

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Take A Day Trip

Book a train and get the heck outta Dodge, even if just for an afternoon. Why? Because people tend to let their guard down, and truly relax, when they break out of normal routine. The very notion of “escaping” is romantic (and studies suggest that adventurousness is super attractive in a mate), so head to a new town and hit the antique shops or make a beeline to the seashore for an off-season beach walk.


Learn Something New Together

Rewarding experiences are known to increase endorphins (those natural opioids that make you feel extra giddy). And when shared, you’ll actually associate those I-can-do-anything! vibes with your honey. Consider taking an exotic cooking class, learning a new language or even booking private lessons in an area you’re both interested in learning more about (like pottery, photography or interior design).


Get Physical

Studies show that vitality (the state of being strong and active) is one of the most attractive qualities in a mate—so whether your idea of exercise is indoor rock climbing or taking a “hike” around the neighborhood, get your pulse up, adrenaline flowing and cheeks rosy and flushed. (Psst: Those common associations with another, erm, physical activity have been shown to subconsciously turn people on.)

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