Hot Sleepers: Casper’s Weighted Blanket Is Made for You

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  • TOTAL: 88/100

For hot sleepers like me, your average weighted blanket is kind of a nightmare. Why, you ask? Because while the soothing effect of the pressure they provide you sounds great in theory, it tends to be synonymous with thick, heavy material that’s not exactly breathable—aka, a morning sweat puddle just waiting to happen.

That leaves us with two options: Either ditch the weighted blanket and its whole host of sleep benefits for the summer (no thanks), or crank the AC overnight and incur a steep utility bill (not ideal either). Or so I thought, until I discovered Casper’s Weighted Blanket.

Unlike most weighted blankets, which are made from micro-fleece, polyester or cotton blends, this one has a 100 percent cotton outer shell, which gives it a cool-to-the-touch feeling. According to the brand, the breathable cotton also helps circulate air away from your body—which explains why it doesn’t turn my bed into an oven by 3 a.m. like some other brands.

casper weighted blanket

Beyond its impressive ability to keep me cool all night long, I’m also a big fan of the quilting on Casper’s Weighted Blanket. The rectangles are small enough to ensure that the blanket’s microbead fill never bunches or clumps up, even if I’m having a particularly restless night’s sleep (which is rare, thanks to this baby’s calming effect, BTW). And the stitching is so strong that I’m confident I won’t have to deal with any loose beads in my bed.

Another perk? How thin this blanket is. I once owned a weighted blanket so thick and heavy that I got too lazy to pull it up from the end of my bed. As you can imagine, it eventually got retired to the closet, never to be seen again. But that’s definitely not the case here. I opted for the 15-pound version, and though that may sound like a bit of a workout to get settled under, the thin construction makes it easy.

After a month of nightly use—and quite frankly, awesome sleep—my only complaint is the $179 price tag for the 15-pound blanket. But thankfully, it’s on sale for 10 percent off right now. Plus, it comes with a 100 night risk-free trial so you really have nothing to lose.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a warm-weather weighted blanket, or you’re just always hot (*raises hand*) this cooling design from Casper is the best of the best.

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