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Attention Dog Owners: You Can Now Buy a Casper Mattress For Your Pup

The easiest way to get Fido to stop sleeping on your new mattress? Get him his own top-of-the-line Casper bed.

Yep, the mattress-in-a-box startup Casper is now making a version for pups. They’re made of a more durable memory foam to withstand wear and tear, but soft enough to keep dogs comfy—they have a much wider variety of sleeping positions than humans. (“Leg in the air” is our favorite.)

Your pooch can try the bed for 100 nights (that’s about two dog years), and if he doesn’t love it, Casper will give you a full refund. 

Prices are $125 for a small, $150 for a medium and $225 for a large bed. OK, that’s pricy compared to some of the other dog beds on the market, but we’re talking about your four-legged bestie, here. He’s totally worth it. 

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