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Cari Champion Reveals How She Protects the Things Most Important to Her
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Cari Champion, co-host of Vice's Stick to Sports and NBC’s The Titan Games, knows how important it is to protect the things we love. Speaking on her podcast The Brownprint, Champion detailed a time her friend got in a major car accident. The kicker? The car was brand-new, and her insurance didn’t cover the full amount of the collision.

“The other day, a friend of mine got into an accident and her brand-new car was totaled,” Champion recalled. “Thankfully, she’s OK and didn’t get hurt, but she ended up having a bad experience with her insurance. My friend was covered, but no one explained the details of her policy which was minimal coverage and didn’t cover the full extent of the damage to her brand-new car which she loved and worked hard to pay for.”

Thankfully, American Family Insurance offers a variety of plans that help you preserve your car, home, business or any other dream you’ve worked hard to obtain, and, as Champion details, they’re with you every step of the way. That car you saved up to buy, or that forever dream home you’ve built for your family: Don’t let it sit unprotected, and then find out the hard way that your current plan isn’t going to cover everything.

“They genuinely want to make the whole insurance process easy to understand and they do that by walking you through each step and explaining it along the way,” Champion said. “Ultimately, insurance is about protecting the things that are important to us, that we’ve worked hard to get.”

Take Champion’s advice and find the support you need by getting your own customized auto policy from American Family Insurance. Be sure to enroll in the KnowYourDrive® discount program—you’ll earn 10 percent just for signing up and can save up to 20 percent on your auto insurance when you show off your safe driving skills.*

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*Program discounts will vary based on driving behavior. The KnowYourDrive discount applies only to the following variable coverages, which are typical for most auto policies: bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision and comprehensive, medical expense and personal injury protection. To refresh your understanding of these coverages, visit Additionally, the discount does not apply to fixed fees that are part of your policy. 

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