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Caraway Cookware Is Gorgeous, Eco-Friendly and So Nonstick That You Don’t Need to Use Butter

We all know the narrative about brands like Casper and Away, which took seemingly innocuous products (mattresses and suitcases) and made them cool. Suddenly, it seemed, the entire consumer market was primed for stylish, online-retail-friendly “disruption.” 

Enter Caraway, a seriously gorgeous new line of cookware that’s basically designed for the just-married millennial set.

Though you can buy the products individually, the standard set ($395) comes with a 10.5-inch fry pan, a 3-quart sauce pan, a 6.5-quart Dutch oven and a 4.5-quart sauté pan as well as four magnetic pan racks (to keep ’em separated in your cabinets) and a canvas lid holder with hooks. Now let’s talk about the colors—cream, gray, “perracotta,” sage and navy—which seem plucked from the feed of your favorite home blogger.

But the part that will really appeal to home chefs (and the spouses who do their dishes) is the nonstick ceramic coating. The main draw is that ceramic resists heat better than Teflon, which means that if you overheat the pan, it won’t release toxic chemicals. But it’s also just incredibly easy to work with. Caraway recently sent me a frying pan, and I’ve been amazed with how easily you can move things around in it. In fact, I’ve found I can just toss in a bunch of veggies and sauté them without even adding any oil. As you might imagine, this also makes cleaning a breeze, as the ceramic surface is virtually impervious to things getting crusty. (Looking at you, cast-iron skillet.)

So is Caraway set to disrupt the cookware market? Only time (and less oily veggies) will tell.

Buy It ($395)

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