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Ikea is known for its bargain prices, minimalist aesthetic and huge retail shops. Now that the nation’s largest one has opened in Burbank, it’s a chance to stock up on lots of items not offered online (or ones that are, but you don’t want to wait for). Here’s the what and why (and why not) of shopping at Ikea.

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fladis basket black  0398418 PE563759 S4

Buy: Baskets

The Fladis basket ($20) is our secret hiding place for clutter when we’ve got 15 minutes before someone drops by.

malm drawer chest white  0490260 PE624377 S4

Skip: ParticleBoard Dressers

Certain items, like the Malm dresser, aren’t exactly cheap ($169), and the materials won’t do much to impress you or your sweaters (sorry, particleboard).

uppfatta notebook pink  0467039 PE610722 S4

Buy: Office Supplies

We love you, fancy paper supply stores, but we’d rather get notebooks, note pads and decorative tape without sticker shock.

hesstun spring mattress white  0461389 PE607524 S4

Skip: Mattresses

The low price means its long-wearing durability can’t help but suffer. Instead, consider saving up for a mattress that won’t flatten out over time.

lohals rug flatwoven beige  0280225 PE419183 S4

Buy: Jute Rugs

The Lohals rug ($139) is just under 7 x 10 feet and goes with every interior style from traditional to contemporary. (And it costs less than a quarter of what you’d pay at some other big name shops.)

pokal glass  0311099 PE429301 S4

Buy: Glassware

The Pokal glass ($4.50 for six) is super-strong, has classic lines (it’s modeled on French café glasses) and works for everything from juice in the morning to wine at night.

lax file salmon fillet frozen  0450351 PE599611 S4

Buy: Salmon

Sure, Ikea meatballs get all the press, but the great-value, responsibly farmed salmon fillets (four for $12) are the thing to have on hand for a protein-rich and economical dinner.

liatorp tv storage combination white  0104364 PE251325 S4

Skip: Anything that Requires a Ton of Assembly

One therapist famously nicknamed the Liatorp storage center ($1,200) “the divorcemaker.” Once you’re ten hours in on this project, you’ll be wishing you splurged on something you didn’t have to piece together yourself.

GettyImages 523691738
Getty Images

Buy: Plants

Ten bucks for a small dracaena tree that’s practically impossible to kill? That’s our idea of extra green.

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