Some people find joy in tidying up, wiping surfaces clean and creating a bedscape that dreams are truly made of. I am not one of those domestic goddesses (or gods). I look for shortcuts or, honestly, skip steps entirely whenever it comes to cleaning, decorating or cooking.

So when I embarked on a mini redecorating project a few months ago—that included replacing the twin size bed in my childhood bedroom and getting rid of excess furniture—I sought out the easiest ways to do it all. That included ordering a mattress in a box, offloading the old dressers for free on Facebook Marketplace and springing for a new set of sheets from Brooklinen.

When it came to pricing out flat and fitted sheets, plus a duvet cover and the right amount of pillowcases (which is four, just for me), it was clear that a sheets set was the way to go. I didn’t want to spend all that much on bedding, since I was already dropping a fortune on a new mattress and bed frame. However, I still wanted to enjoy what I was sleeping on. Luckily, Brooklinen met my high expectations with their Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle ($219).

With the option to pick colors for the sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases separately, I was hit with a wave of indecisiveness. But I prevailed and simply went with all-white. Boring? Maybe, but it was the first step towards my lifelong goal (that’s mostly unfulfilled) of being a minimalist.

After placing my Brooklinen order, I realized that the brand was holding their Anniversary Sale just a few days later. Ugh, I could’ve saved more money? I whined. Fortunately, when I contacted their customer service, I learned Brooklinen would honor the lower sale price, even though my purchase was made before it went live. Be still, my heart.

A few days later, a cute cardboard box with a handle arrived on my doorstep stuffed with my new bedding. And after a quick spin in the washing machine and dryer, my bed was ready to be made. This is where I discovered the actual best part about Brooklinen: They label the fitted sheets with little tags that say “short side” and “long side,” so I never have to worry about the awkward shuffle involved with figuring out the correct side and inevitably taking more time than necessary to make my bed. It may sound like a small thing, but the lazy, non-domestic goddess in me was so relieved.

As for the rest of the linens? I’m equally as obsessed. The duvet comes out of the dryer just lightly tousled and wrinkled, but in a way that looks chic and cozy—not sloppy. (However, if you have the energy to iron an item like that, go ahead and live your truth). The pillowcases feel crisp, even on the sixth day of sleeping on them. And even as the weather starts to warm up, I have yet to wake up feeling overheated from my new Brooklinen sheets.

All in all? This is the best purchase I’ve made in months and I might actually start looking forward to making my bed in the future. Just maybe.

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