Big Mouth Sprinklers Just Released a 9-Foot-Giraffe & a 6-Foot-Dinosaur

Welp, just when we thought that a 6-foot-tall unicorn sprinkler was the most exciting extra purchase of our summer, BigMouth Inc. has released two brand-new new creatures to add to our front lawn.

The company that’s known for its giant-size pool floats and inflatables now offers a 9-foot-tall giraffe and a 6-foot-tall dinosaur (yes, you read that correctly). Both colorful designs feature a built-in sprinkler and an anchor kit to keep them grounded even during the windiest days. Not to mention, each comfortably supports the water pressure of a standard garden hose, which is all you need to get the family fun started.

Technically, these babies are recommended for ages three and up, but we totally believe these aren’t just kids toys, especially in the wake of the current pandemic when water parks and crowded beaches don’t seem to be the best options.

And contrary to what one might assume, they won’t break the bank. Keep reading for how to get your hands on one of these gargantuan machines.

giant giraffe 4
Bed Bath & Beyond

1. 9-foot Giraffe Yard Sprinkler

Five bucks for anyone who can jump and touch his nose.

Bed Bath & Beyond

2. 6 1/2 Foot Dinosaur Sprinkler

Specifically, a T-Rex.

Bed Bath & Beyond