The 10 Best Winter-Proof Perennials

In the darkest depths of winter, thoughts of springtime blooms get us through. And so, to set our cold climate gardens up for success, we asked our friend Kate Karam, editorial director of Monrovia to curate the hands-down prettiest perennials—that also happen be much tougher (read: polar vortex-proof) than they look.

The 10 Best Perennials to Plant This Spring (According to the Experts)

Courtesy of Monrovia

Everydaylily® Pink Wing Daylily

This vibrant garden star is one of the hardiest daylily varieties you can find. It blooms early and all season long, and with its dwarf scale, it’s a great choice for borders or containers.

Courtesy of Monrovia

Bronze Carpet Stonecrop

We swoon for this vibrant, trailing succulent. Bonus points: In mild winter regions, it behaves like an evergreen (read: is colorful year round).

Courtesy of Monrovia

Bowl Of Beauty Herbaceous Peony

It doesn’t get lovelier than a lush, pink peony! With sturdy, upright stems and thick foliage, this variety keeps itself protected from the elements.

Courtesy of Monrovia

Snowdrop Anemone

This shade-tolerant, forest-native plant likes to make itself right at home under a canopy of trees. Hot tip: Plant near the house—the light fragrance is divine and meant to be enjoyed.

Courtesy of Monrovia

Evolution™ Green Eye Coneflower

If you’re looking for long-lasting color, these sturdy blooms are just the ticket: There’s a continuous profusion of bright blooms from late spring through late fall.

Courtesy of Monrovia

Walker's Low Catmint

This frilly, herbaceous perennial looks amazing when planted at container edges or when cascading off of garden walls. (And the dainty periwinkle pops are such a pick-me-up.)

Courtesy of Monrovia

Moonbeam Threadleaf Tickseed

Whether tucked in a hanging basket or container garden, these creamy, cheery blooms atop airy green foliage deliver big-time on charm.

Courtesy of Monrovia

Sum And Substance Hosta

Hello, bold landscape feature we’ve been looking for. This extremely popular hosta variety has large, leathery leaves that turn gold as summer approaches.

Courtesy of Monrovia

Winter Dreams™ Double Fantasy Christmas Rose

The ultimate cocktail: Beautiful and deer-and rabbit-resistant! Plant this stunner in a shaded area and enjoy its magical, ruffly white petals all season long.

Courtesy of Monrovia

Blue Ribbons Bush Clematis

Psst The blooms on this herbaceous perennial are much larger and more prolific than similar varieties. Plus, after blooming, the indigo flowers turn to lovely silvery seed heads—which stay put into early winter.

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